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Who is Oliver?

Oliver is all  pets, canine, feline, avian, turtle….

Oliver was an Indian Pariah, a pet and a friend. Animals that cross our paths or live with us or around us, become our friends, our confidants and companions. We established Oliver Pet care, to help  aging pets, young pets, city pets, farm animals, in short, if its an animal, and we can find a way to ease your care of it and ease its life we’ll do that.

What we now have are tech age pets. Closely on the heels of smart phone addicted adults and children are we looking at the smart phone/cyber dog? Lets analyse, cyber dog will be a smart phone, GPS trackable,  kitted out animal. Cyber cat is not left out. Oliver is a your cyber/ robo guide, he sniffs out the best and interesting gadgets for your animal. Robo cop maybe a distant Indian dream, but Oliver, is making sure that robo dog has decidedly arrived to India.

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