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Cat Curls for Dogs

We’ve humanised & urbanised them. Urban pets seldom get the opportunity to run, play, jump, romp ….. in short just be dogs.
Cat Curls for Dogs is a Yoga for Dogs series that aims to get pets and parents moving, fit and give them a chance to bond. Ditch the dog walkers & get moving with your dog. Yoga as a practice inspires calmness  of mind, and dogs must sense that. For those of us who have been lucky enough to practice yoga out doors, where birds, bees and dogs are free to join in…. observe that dogs like yoga. And not just dog pose!
They will usually wander over, take up a place on your mat or close by. They’ll wander into a class and snooze in a corner or watch and listen to instruction, and if they choose to join in. So Mumbai, bring your yourself and your dog to Mumbai’s first Cat Curls for Dogs! Brought to you by Oliver Pet Care, a web portal focused on technology for pets GPS trackers & activity monitors, human grade dog treats,  and biodegradable disposable bowls.
Yoga brought to you by Samanta Duggal, for Mumbai practitioners, she needs little introduction conducting classes, workshops and retreats in India and across the globe. Samanta teaches kids and now extending her expertise to your four legged friends.


 Some of you wrote in and asked us about fungal infections for pets, Dr. Rukshin Master has some advice.

One of the most common complaints we encounter for our pets is skin disorders. Be it itching, hair fall, skin discoloration, eczema or fungal infections. Continue reading “FUNGAL INFECTIONS IN CATS AND DOGS” »


Festivities are around the corner – something most of us look forward to. From indulging in those tasty treats to spending those priceless moments with family, Diwali is something that gets us all excited. It was around Diwali, the last week of October to be exact, when we adopted Twix (my elder Lhasa) and it was one of the best Diwali gift I could have asked for.

5 Reasons our Pets are Obese

Why are our pets falling prey to obesity?

Let’s call them round pets! Let’s be politically correct and not call them fat or obese!  So, about that round pet in your house- they’re at risk of all the same diseases that humans are when they’re overweight (rounder than they need to be) Continue reading “5 Reasons our Pets are Obese” »

…..Find my dog

I asked myself why would any dog parent want a tracker? have we become so dependant on technology? I’d have scoffed at the idea. Think about it, our phones, smart and ‘unsmart’ connect us with our families, friends, and now pets. And I am here to tell you, YES! I’d invest in the product, “invest” is an odd term to use for pet products isn’t it? Continue reading “…..Find my dog” »

Know your Breed

Why do you think we see so many over weight, out of shape dogs in cities? A common sense conclusion? Little understanding of what your breed needs. Lets talk about  the Jack Russell Terrier (as former Terrier parent –  yes, he was the smartest, handsomest dog ever!). Continue reading “Know your Breed” »

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