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How does Big Pet Feed make extra millions?

Thank you Susan Thixton,  of the  for allowing us at Oliver Pet Care to share this information and your articles which have relevance for pet parents everywhere.

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How does Big Pet Feed make extra millions? By luring unknowing consumers into spending hundreds of dollars more a year buying higher priced pet food that is basically the same as a lower cost pet food.

Big Pet Food (Big Pet Feed) offers multiple lines of pet foods, often making consumers believe one brand is higher quality than the other. More often than not, all of the different lines of pet food (from the same manufacturer) – the lower cost and the higher cost – are made at the same pet food plant using the exact same feed quality ingredients. Marketing helps steer consumers to the higher priced food (with almost identical ingredients as the lower cost) making millions in added profits for the manufacturer.

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Adopt a shelter animal

Adopt a shelter animal and you’ll wonder why you waited so long. When Max came from the shelter, he was in a strange place, but not with strangers. His new family had visited him at the shelter, the shelter adoption committee had visited the house to make sure it was acceptable, and Max would be happy. Look at Max now, comfortable in his new home, he’s slowly asserting his authority and in this demonstration he is trying to gauge how far he can push his family.

Adopting an animal is a decision a family has to take. A single indifferent member of the family will usually be an impediment to caring for your pet properly. Remember especially if you are going to adopt a shelter animal, it is essential the whole family wants the animal in the house. Animals sense dislike, even if it is slight. Learn to build trust with shelter animals before bringing them home.

If you adopt a shelter dog please do not assume that any prior experience with animals applies to a shelter situation. Listen to people who work in shelters, and take their advice, and as far as possible follow their instructions. When you spend enough time with shelter/abandoned dogs you will be able to read the tell tale signs, but you will never know the extent of it. Bringing home and raising a puppy is a world away from bringing home an adult abandoned animal.

You will never know the recesses of the animals mind, your will never know if they were abused, how severely, or for how long. You may be able to restore more than half the confidence lost, but you will never replace the memory of abuse or erase it. So when shelters/organisations request you to follow procedures please understand them for what they are- safe guards for you and your new family member.

Who is Oliver?

Oliver is all  pets, canine, feline, avian, turtle….

Oliver was an Indian Pariah, a pet and a friend. Animals that cross our paths or live with us or around us, become our friends, our confidants and companions. We established Oliver Pet care, to help  aging pets, young pets, city pets, farm animals, in short, if its an animal, and we can find a way to ease your care of it and ease its life we’ll do that.

What we now have are tech age pets. Closely on the heels of smart phone addicted adults and children are we looking at the smart phone/cyber dog? Lets analyse, cyber dog will be a smart phone, GPS trackable,  kitted out animal. Cyber cat is not left out. Oliver is a your cyber/ robo guide, he sniffs out the best and interesting gadgets for your animal. Robo cop maybe a distant Indian dream, but Oliver, is making sure that robo dog has decidedly arrived to India.

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