Teach your pets to live alone

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Teaching Oliver to live alone

Teaching Oliver to stay alone, is probably the best thing you can do for your animal. Start with short periods, pretty much like you would with a child. As India’s family’s get nuclear so do our pets. So there are going to be instances when our pets are going to be alone, instead of forcing them to deal with that reality in a stressful situation, let them get used to it slowly.

Leave your pup alone for short periods. Start with leaving it alone in a room while you’re in the next room. Increase the length of time slowly. This will help build confidence, you do not want to bring up an insecure clingy pet. Leaving them for short periods and slowly increasing the time they are left alone, with give them confidence and they know you’re coming back. It will help alleviate any feelings of abandonment as they grow. All the same principles apply to your new kitten. Nuclear family dogs and cats have to learn to adjust as much as all other members to live and be on their own. As long as your pet knows you’re coming back they’ll learn patience and be well adjusted to be on their own.

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