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…..Find my dog

I asked myself why would any dog parent want a tracker? have we become so dependant on technology? I’d have scoffed at the idea. Think about it, our phones, smart and ‘unsmart’ connect us with our families, friends, and now pets. And I am here to tell you, YES! I’d invest in the product, “invest” is an odd term to use for pet products isn’t it? Continue reading “…..Find my dog” »

Walking the Dog

We live in a uniquely space and time constrained city. For those of us lucky to have pets in our homes, we go to great lengths to make sure they’re well cared for.  Meals are now delivered, dog walkers, or house help walk our dogs. If you listen to your pets you’ll realize that they’re ‘talking’ to you. They’ll listen to you and occasionally tell you- you’re not listening to me! Continue reading “Walking the Dog” »

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